Are Sculptra Injections Right for You?

Sculptra injections represent an art that is learned over time with regard to injection areas, depth and concentrations. One can learn this technique at the Aesthetic Training CenterFor example, you can read about the recent problems with Evolence. The best result may be with both Sculptra and HAs. Sculptra will re-volumize the cheek area, chin, and temples, and 1 syringe of Juvederm/Restylane 1-2/year will fill right around the lips where Sculptra can’t go.If you live in Rhode Island and want a long lasting dermal filler, Sculptra injections may be right for you. V oluma is the first filler formulated with lidocaine that is FDA approved to restore age-related volume changes in the cheeks.The injection specialists at Skin by Lovely Santa Monica are here to help you decide if Sculptra would be a good option for your aesthetic needs and goals. Schedule a Sculptra consultation with us today to determine if you’d be a good candidate for this amazing collagen restorative treatment.A topical anesthetic may be applied to minimize discomfort before the injection process begins, although treatment is not usually painful. Using a thin needle, the doctor will inject Sculptra into the targeted facial areas. The Sculptra is placed in the deepest layers of the skin, where it can best stimulate collagen production.One of the ways Sculptra is dissimilar from other wrinkle fillers is that results are not instant. It works by slowly stimulating collagen production to restore volume over a three-month timeframe. Changes are never severe or dramatic during this time, you simply look fabulous once the three month period is complete! Do Sculptra Injections Hurt?Sculptra is not recommended for use on the eyes or the lips. Are there any risks or side effects? You can expect some swelling and bruising at the injection a significant cash injection for hospitals. All have been presented with an election in mind. “If you look at the.Makeup can be applied right away after Sculptra injections. Can I finance my Sculptra Treatments? Sculptra ranges between $950-1050 per vial. We accept financing for all bills over $1000. You can purchase multiple treatment sessions to reach that limit, if needed.

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