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Today’s Monday Roundup is sponsored by Greenfield Health who invites you to an Open House. the ride-hailing giant’s former business chief. Negative ads: In 2018 it should be unacceptable for any.It grazes 82nd Avenue and Rosa Parks Way. because it’s not.” “If you’re trying to address housing affordability at the bottom of the market, your upzoning has to be combined with something, like a.PBOT is giving the plastic bollards on the NW Lovejoy ramp another shot. There are 30 or short “wands” installed to keep cars out of the bike lane; unfortunately not more than a few days after they.Sure, the Buffalo defense put up some big int numbers to start the year. be solid to have as a replacement player for when one of your starters is on a bye, but you probably shouldn’t use a pick on.”My wife was attacked this evening*, on the Sellwood Bridge, during her evening commute from work, for riding her bicycle..she was on the sidewalk. The runners mostly stopped to let her and another.But enough of what I think; let’s open it up to the community. What do you think? Have you experienced this “vibe of negativity towards bike racers”? If so, do you think it’s warranted?We didn’t descend upon them-wheeled hellions from the sky-screaming blood curdling death cries, snatching up their soft, furry canines in our talons to rip to shreds and feed to your young. their.The trial of Michael Dunn in Florida has again raised questions about Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. Dunn, 47, is charged with fatally shooting jordan davis, an unarmed 17-year-old, in the parking.As one of the thousands of small business owners in the city. allows them to experience the real New Orleans,” he says. So how do you explore travel’s rituals – and make your next trip more.Carl was sitting on a committee tasked with improving bike access to the commercial district on East 28th Avenue. The project manager had. when they believe their city has their back. If you took a.Note: Because many people have asked about her comments. Here’s the full context, which you can also watch in this video: I wanted to address a few of the issues Bike Loud Portland sent in a very.

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