atlanta swimming pool liners how long does vinyl liners last

One last choice our customers struggle with is the thickness of the liner. This isn’t a problem with Tara Liners, though. We have been fabricating liners for over 30 years and we have found that the perfect thickness for a pool liner is 20 mil. It is the best thickness for fit, flexibility and strength."Atlanta Pool Liners" of Atlanta Georgia is a 5 star rated Vinyl Liner Replacement Company. Our parent company, Merodynamic Pools Inc., our brand and our impeccable reputation has never been associated with any other likeness of Atlanta Pool Liners. Know your pool contractor by asking for insurance, license and by reading reviews.A common question is: How long do swimming pools last? Vinyl Liner Pool: A vinyl pool liner lacks durability. Most research shows the vinyl liner itself will only last about 6 – 12 years. A vinyl liner pool may cost less, but it’s higher maintenance and won’t last as long.Generally, you should expect your vinyl liner to last for about 10-12 years. naturally, the lifetime of your liner will depend on whether or not you take good care of it and the rest of your pool with regular maintenance.Making Your vinyl swimming pool liner Last. Pool liners usually have an average lifespan in the eight year range. However, that lifespan is only an estimate since each liner is unique and depends on a number of different factors, including how well the pool and liner was maintained, the amount of use and abuse, and just plain luck.You can significantly lengthen (or shorten) the life of your pool liner with your pool play and cleaning habits. And, if you practice proper maintenance and upkeep, your liner can last between 15-20 years. modern vinyl pool liners are meant to withstand the chemicals, tools, and the swimming and splashing bodies within its walls.How long does a pool liner last? Again, looking towards a car as a reasonable technical comparison, how long does a car last? To answer this accurately you would need to know a lot about the car, how it was cared for, how it was used, the climate it was located in etc. Swimming pools are much the same way.

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