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What Is a Cool Roof? A cool roof is a roofing product that reflects sunlight and absorbs less heat than traditional roofs. cool roofs lower roofThere are two properties that are used to measure the effects of cool roofs: solar reflectance, also known as albedo, is the ability to reflect sunlight. Thermal emittance is the ability to emit absorbed heat.The winter heating penalty is outweighed by summer cooling savings of cool roofs in most of the U.S., except where the chart is bright green in the north.A high solar reflectance-or albedo-is the most important characteristic of a cool roof as it helps to reflect sunlight and heat away from a building, reducing roof temperatures. A high thermal emittance also plays a role, particularly in climates that are warm and sunny. Together, these.We’re your San Diego Spray Foam Contractor for spray foam insulation and spray polyurethane insulated foam roof (SPF roof, coated foam roof), commonly known as Cool Roof, the most proven, durable and energy saving roofing system available today.A Guide to solar reflective roof Shingles . Whether you’re building a new home or performing upgrades and remodeling, you likely want to consider incorporating ideas that help lower power bills.(WiredRelease via COMTEX) — has recently announced the addition of a new market research report to its archive named, “Excellent Revenue Growth At Cool Roof Coatings| Recent.The EPA reports that cool roofs can: Reduce energy use: A cool roof transfers less heat to the building below, Reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions: By lowering energy use, Improve human health and comfort: Cool roofs can reduce air temperatures inside buildings with.(Global QYResearch via COMTEX) — A new research report is published by Acumen Research and Consulting on Cool Roof Coatings Market (by roof slope:Low-sloped)(by roof.Cool Roof fully intends to be your contractor of choice on your roof project. We are THE largest Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) and Coatings contractor in the State of Florida and one of the largest in the United States and we buy our materials in truckload quantities direct from the manufacturer.