how to delete youtube search history 2019

This video,, can also be seen at to Delete Google Search History & Youtube History in 2019 First sign in using your email id and click to Account. Now click on manage your web history. Here is your all search history. Stop Google Search History Using Setting button. simply stop search. open youtube with your gmail account..Clear watch history on YouTube website. To clear your YouTube watch history on their website whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet, follow the instructions below. Go to the YouTube website and click in the upper-right corner. Use your Google Account information to sign into YouTube.Clear YouTube history from Android. The process for clearing your YouTube history from Android is similar to that of iOS. There seem to be a few updates of the YouTube app floating about though and I have seen at least three different UIs and ways to access history so you may have to search a bit to see yours.Clear YouTube Watch History & Search History From Web. 1. Assuming you are signed into your Google account, open the website. 2. Once here, click on the History tab at the left of the.And any time you want to clear the history, you can. Clear browsing history stored on your PC. To view your browsing history, in your Microsoft Edge browser, select Favorites > History . select clear history. choose the types of data you want to remove from your PC (see the table for descriptions). For example, you may want to remove.How to Delete or Clear YouTube Search History on iPhone/iPad/iPod If you’re attempting to look for a particular video you have searched for in the past, search history may help. youtube search history lets you view your previous search queries on YouTube, while your search history also influences the recommendations that you see on your Home.She was watching YouTube at the time. her mutuals – internet shorthand for users who follow each other. In her search for.If you still want to delete youtube search history just follow the simple steps mentioned below. YouTube search history is also saved in your Google activities that you can delete by following the procedures mentioned in the above article about Clear search history from Google Account. Steps to Delete YouTube Search History Using Mobile ApplicationCopyright 2019 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. 614 is the second highest in program history. Kearly began.