How to Get Powerful “Do Follow Links”

This video,, can also be seen at, although you won’t get do-follow links from them.. web 2.0 backlinks can be a powerful way to help you rank higher in search results only IF (and that’s a big if) you do it the right way. If you do it the wrong way, Google can easily catch you manipulating its algorithms..DoFollow backlinks are very powerful links that passes an authority or link juice from the source webpage/website to the destination webpage/website. It means the more reputable incoming links pointing to your website, the more chances to get higher rank in Google’s SERP.Google plus is a powerful website we can easily get do follow link from google plus profile. If you have google plus account already then follow this step, if you don’t have simply sign up now and follow this below steps. Step 1: Go to your Google plus account and edit about section.The term "Dofollow Backlink" was introduced by Google in 2005. This was done to make sure that search engines don’t get spam and users get the better result. Dofollow backlink mainly passes Link Juice to linked pages and influence the targeted keyword to rank. How To Check DoFollow Or NoFollow Backlink?How You Can create powerful links". Whenever I comment on established blogs, I get a nofollow link while I have observed some are getting do follow links from the same set of websites. Do we need to do do anything with our website’s nofollow/dofollow link for that as currently my website.The most powerful backlinks are dofollow links dofollow backlinks are backlinks that pass the SEO juice of the website giving the backlink to the website getting the backlink. So, for example, if website A has a Domain Authority of 80, and it gives a dofollow backlink to website B of domain authority 20, then website A is passing along great.Are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th links as powerful as the first one? No. As it turns out, links from the same website have diminishing returns. Or put another way: It’s better to get 100 links from 100 different websites than 1,000 links from the same website.