Palm Reading For Male

Palmistry with the meaning of palm reading or hand prediction is to learn a person’s personalities, fortune and future by analyzing his/her hands. It is also called Chiromancy. In fact, palmistry not only refers to the reading of one’s hand or palm, it also includes the reading of arm, finger.When analyzing your hands, a palm reader will look for three basic areas: lines, mounts, and shapes. Of the four major lines, the first three (heart, head, and life) should be relatively easy for you to locate on your hands. The fourth major palm line is the fate line, which is sometimes broken, faded, or even missing altogether.The art of palmistry dates back several thousand years. A million interpretations of it exist, but – just for you – I did some research (Google) and some curating, then sprinkled in modern, much-needed context. Because I love you, your palms and your chirological foretellings. (That means palm reading. I told you I researched!)In Palmistry, the mounts, or bumps of flesh, on the palm play a very important role during a reading. They are related to the influences of the planets, which also tell us a lot about our physical and emotional makeup. There are seven mounts on the palms, and they are synonymous with the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.THE LINES WHICH MAKE YOU WEALTHY . In this vedic palmistry article, we discuss about the palm lines which bring wealth and finance. We will examine the lines which bring you riches, the lines which make a beggar and finally the Palmistry combinations for wealth yogas.In palm reading, marriage lines are said to reveal many details of an individual’s romantic life.They indicate everything from the number of marriages to the number of children born from said marriages. This may seem like a strange leap of faith for some, but palm reading has been around for centuries.Full guide explaining marriage line On Hand Of Male And Female With images palmistry.. question: When I will receive my palm reading report? Answer: You will get your full detailed palm reading report in 9-10 days to your email ID after receiving the fees for palm reading report.

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