roofing materials price list

Exposed Fastened Metal Roofing Panels. Cost effective, long lasting, and beautiful, these are high quality metal roof panels which are fastened using color matched screws with neoprene rubber washers. Tuff-Rib / Classic Rib Metal Roofing Panel.9 different types of roofing materials. Not long ago, asphalt shingles, slate, clay or concrete tiles were about the only roofing options. today, advanced roofing materials provide an unprecedented range of alternatives, as well as new looks for existing materials. Here is a list of 9 different types of roofing to consider for your next re.Roofing underlayment provides a base for your roofing materials and increases the longevity of your roof. We have a great selection of roof coatings to protect and repair your roof. We also offer roof flashing that can be used as valleys on roofs. We have a wide selection of gutters and accessories for your roof-waterIf your old roof is leaking beyond repair, replacing it with a shingle roof remains the most popular and cost effective option. The average cost to install roof shingles is about $4,800 – 5,100 for a 1,500 sq.ft. ranch house, including materials and labor. Total installation cost may vary depending on your location, roof complexity and the contractor you hire.Below is a list of materials a roofer will purchase in order to install a galvalume metal roof. The costs are minimal and are usually included in the roofer’s final estimate. The cost for synthetic underlayment may be extra and is estimated at $20 to $30 per square.Install new roof eaves and fascia boards. Install metal drip edge at all fascia boards. Install new asphalt shingles with thin 12-inch copper ridge cap to extend the life of the asphalt. I quickly.Corrugated Galvanized roofing For Sale Philippines available thickness .35 superlume brand – Pick-Up Pangasinan area.. Price changes without prior notice We arrange shipping/cargo/delivery with a minimum order.. all shipping cost will be on buyers account.As you will soon see, there are a myriad of choices for your flat or pitched roof. Additionally, there are other materials you have to analyze if you’re replacing your entire roof, such as the fascia and soffits. This list will give you a sense for the relative costs of all roofing materials: aluminum roofing: $889 – $1,125 per square