seat belt webbing material and the backstory

Some of these things include seat belts, dog collars and leashes and camping equipment. If you are creating your own unique design, you will need to know how to put nylon pieces of the material together properly. Because nylon webbing is such a strong material, you will need to use a strong pair of scissors or cutting utensils to cut it evenly.For added toughness, they’ve added 100%-nylon panels in the seat and knees. Behind the knees. There is an adjustable,You use it with a compatible harness. One end of the seat belt attaches to the dog harness and the other attaches to your car. It can attach to the latch bars, the seat belt receiver or the headrest. They are made from tough nylon webbing material and metal for durability and strength.Math guys: Question on seat belt strength As I research the replacement of my 911 seatbelts I have a question regarding breaking force for the belt webbing material. According to the DOT specs (FMVSS-209) the breaking point must be at least 26,689 N (Newtons).Seat belt webbing is manufactured to meet or exceed the stringent safety standards set for the automotive industry. Made of 100% polyester and with a tensile strength of 6,000 lbs, seat belt webbing won’t shrink, rot, mildew, or mold.Seat belt material is an engineering marvel, and not just because of the devices that spool out and tension the seat belt. The fabric that makes up the belt itself, called webbing, is carefully designed to have extreme tensile strength-about 3000-6000 lbs.The qualities that make seat belt webbing so important in a vehicle- strength, a light weight and limited stretch- make it ideal for many other uses as well. Slightly thinner and more cost-effective than our regular polyester webbing, seat belt web is great for creating your own custom ratchet straps and tie downs.The #1 rated seat belt webbing replacement service offering webbing in custom colors. Stay safe with new seat belt webbing or upgrade the look of your interior with a custom colored seat belt. Our services have a 24 hour turnaround, all of our webbing is 100% OEM certified and we offer a lifetime warranty.2" 5 Bar Polyester Seat Belt Webbing @ $1.60/ yard Stiff handed, a very strong webbing with a weave similar to a seat belt. This webbing is extremely strong with a 6,000lb breaking strength.

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