You Just Failed the Google Mobile Friendly Teat

This video,, can also be seen at Mobile Friendly Test for Website Owners. This was Google’s announcement just a couple of days ago:. and it will result in a loss of revenue-unless you take action to make your website mobile friendly before Google’s deadline. The Good News.Even still, the core ideals of SEO remain the same as they always have – that of ensuring pages have the correct tags for.The Google mobile-friendly test has made it easier than ever before for businesses to tell if their site is mobile-friendly – so there are no excuses. Simply plug in your web page URL on the Google mobile-friendly check page and Google will analyse it to discover if it is mobile-friendly.It will make Google rank your site higher and help you gain advance over. on both computer and mobile. The users do not.Mobile-Friendly Test. Test how easily a visitor can use your page on a mobile device. Just enter a page URL to see how your page scores. More usage tips. Google apps. main menu.Yet, both Bing and Google mobile friendly tests don’t see the site correctly. It’s almost like they’re seeing the older cached version of the CSS, but they are seeing the meta/viewport tag. Though we’ve don’t see how that could be cached being that the site is just serving the latest version and it’s been weeks that we’re experiencing this problem.This page is mobile-friendly.. If it does not pass, the message will be red and say Not mobile-friendly. In the event that your website does not pass the mobile test, it will also give you the reasons why it failed such as the content is wider than the screen or links are too close together.Test or validate your web page. Google Search Console APIs; url testing tools api (beta). mobile-friendly websites seo starter guide tools. Search Console. Sign up for the Google Developers newsletterI think you have a bug in your code, try to analyze logs of your web server. I have test at Google Mobile-friendly test and in Google Page Speed, all works fine.augmented reality furniture apps have become surprisingly common after Apple and Google made their mobile operating systems.